The debt-free NMF Prepaid Mastercard®

You’ll be welcome everywhere with your high-class, embossed NMF Mastercard®. You can use your NMR Mastercard® to shop comfortably online or at over 36 million acceptance points around the world. You can also withdraw money 24/7 at over 2 million cash machines worldwide. Many service providers like hotels and car hire companies are more willing to accept embossed credit cards. The NMF Mastercard® is an international and officially licensed prepaid credit card. You can use it to hire cars and book hotels and flights.

Noble Metal Factory (NMF)
Credit Card

 No SCHUFA check
 No salary statement
 Personalised credit card
Quick and affordable top-ups via SEPA credit transfer
Fully-functional Mastercard® on a prepaid basis instead of a credit agreement
No SCHUFA check, no salary statement, no credit check

Angaben zur Person/Personal data


The NMF Mastercard® is the smart and simple way to manage your money. You’ll no longer have to carry cash around, as the NMF Mastercard® offers you the convenience, status and comfort of a Mastercard with extra security features. The NMF Mastercard® can easily be requested by persons aged at least 18. The card works exclusively on a prepaid basis. You just have to top up your NMF Mastercard® with the required amount, and then you’re free to spend your credit at over 36 million Mastercard® acceptance points and over 2 million cash machines around the world, just like with a standard credit card. You can also withdraw money 24/7.




The NMF Mastercard® is SCHUFA-free. The card is used on a prepaid basis, so no SCHUFA credit check is required. The NMF Mastercard® is not recorded at all on the SCHUFA database. You can even get the NMF Mastercard® if you have a poor credit rating, negative SCHUFA records or personal insolvency. You’ll receive the card without a SCHUFA record, and you’ll be able to use it around the world like a conventional credit card. Your use of the NMF Mastercard® completely depends on your income.




The NMF Mastercard® is a prepaid card. You can only spend the amount you’ve topped up. This lets you avoid the dreaded debt trap created by high credit card interest rates. You’ll have a transaction limit and no SCHUFA checks. It’s impossible to overdraw with your credit card.




The NMF Mastercard® makes shopping more secure. The prepaid card offers you optimal data protection if it ever gets lost. Your personal bank details are also well protected against misuse when shopping online, as the NMF Mastercard® is not linked to your current account.

Calculate your budget, top up your NMF Mastercard® and spend your money with peace of mind.

The NMF Mastercard® also makes you extremely mobile, offering you secure payments abroad and quick online banking. The NMF Mastercard® makes sure you’ve always got sufficient funds. Topping up the NMF Mastercard® also keeps you on top of your available budget, meaning there’ll be no nasty surprises in store for you.

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